VG Pacific War PBEM or Live online.

I would really like to do a campaign of Pacific War v. a competent and reliable opponent. This is a long campaign, and perhaps some combination of PBEM and live would free up the live time for when needed. Please, only committed players should apply.

I played a lot of campaigns a few years ago. I am interested in a campaign but with the rules of Markus Stumptner and a change in the victory conditions for the Japanese, I find the basic campaign rules unsuitable. I can play in live on Vassal if my opponent is in European zone.

I would love to learn this game! Where are those optional rules listed at? … w_hr99.pdf

I am interested. Have you gentlemen set up any games yet? I am an experienced player and have the Stumptner house rules. I am in the Central time zone and can PBEM and live.

I am interested by the Strategic scenario 1. But instead of the standard victory conditions, I prefer bid for the month I hope to win with the Allies. For example if I propose February 45, my opponent have to propose January 45 to play the Allies and so on.

Other house rule usefull on … ficWar.txt

How to Affect the Strategic Initiative Level (37L-4)
(Change) Spaces on the Strategic Initiative Track that are lost to the Japanese player because the Allies have
occupied a Japanese airfield or port are regained if the Japanese reoccupy the airfield or port.

Yes I use most or all of those optional rules. They are minor tweaks in the big scheme of things.

Who wants to play?

I am on it. What module do you want to use?

I’ve been using 1.0
Is a different module better?