VG The Civil War anyone ?

Hi I am looking for someone into doing PBEM of this game. Anyone interested ?

Mavrides 13

I would be happy to play but it would be my first game using Vassal so you might need some patience. I have played Civil war many times but not recently so am a bit rusty.

Hi there !
I am very interested to play Civil War from Victory Games… I have play for years this fabolous wargame. I would like to play like federal if possible.
Excuse me for my poor english but it is not my native laguage (I´m from Spain).
Mihaud (ramon)
email if interested:

I would be glad to play by email, or over the server for that matter. I have one play of this game under my belt, and I can see that it takes a lot of play to master.

Hello Valency !
What time is good for you to play online ? …If you prefer we can combine play-by-email and online for a faster playgame.
I´m from Spain (central european time). Where are you from ?.

Ramón (Milhaud)

Wow I wasnt expecting such a fast response.

My copy of The Civil War is in transit…I should get it in a day or so. A little time to read the rules and I am up for some PBEM gaming if anyone’s not already in a game.

Let me know

Mavrides13 waiting for you :slight_smile:
Tell me about when ready, my email is

OK Milhaud,
I am happy to play as soon as you are ready, your choice of sides.


Im ready for a game if anyone else is -contact me