VG The Civil War

I’ve just finished wading thru the recent edition to the rules of this game. I’ve done lots of reading, outlined the rules, and watched a number of playthroughs on YouTube. So, I think I’m ready. I’m looking for a player who might want to learn this game along with me.

I’m an experienced Vassal player, but don’t have any experience in this game obviously. I would like to play in real time using Skype (or any other application). I live in Central Time Zone and am free to play in afternoon or evenings.


Keith PM sent

Let me know if the game didn’t begin. I’d be interested in playing and am a relative newbie having played this a long time ago

Anyone looking for a game of VG’s Civil War with 3rd edition rules? Will play pbem or live (I’m in GMT+1).

Hi. Would you like to play a game. I played 20 years ago. I still remember the rules
Let me know, please.


Thanks for the request. I’m not interested in that game any longer. However, I forwarded your request to another friend who loves the game. Hopefully, he might contact you soon.


OK. Thanks for replying