VG Vietnam 1965 to 1975 [UTC+1]

Hi All

I am new to VASSAL. Aside from RPGs, which I do still play, I used to play games such as Luftwaffe, Afrika Korps, Squad Leader and Valley of the Four Winds; but I haven’t played any strategic board games in decades. I can barely remember how to play them.

I purchased the Victory Games Vietnam 1965 to 1975 game sometime towards the end of the 1980s, but never played it. I’m pleased to say that I still have the boxed set (even after many moves around the UK, to the Middle East and then to Denmark), but it is with my nephew back in the UK after languishing in my mother’s attic. I am thrilled to find out that it is available here on VASSAL and would like to learn the game and, eventually, play the campaign.

I just stepped through the operations tutorial and I am going to continue studying the game rules, but I would be glad to hear if anyone here would have the time and patience to help me learn the game and perhaps even play the campaign with me at some point.

I live in Denmark (CEST / UTC+1 time zone) and have access to discord and zoom.

If you’re interested, then please message me here.



I would search this forum for “Vietnam” you should find some players, I would then contact them via PMs and post in the thread as a backup. I am sure they would be willing to assist you! I’d offer but it’s been 30 years since I played!

Thanks for the advice, ChuckS. I’ll do that.

PM sent.

I’d like to be involved so I can relearn the game.

My name is Luís

I live in Portugal UTC . Can use Zoom , Slack or Google meet.

I have the the game , and played several times FTF. Amazing game , one of the best that I played.

Time consuming because of the operations concept.

If you need a opponent count with me

Hi Luis, PM sent :wink:

Is anyone still looking for an opponent for this game? If so, send me an email at This is one of my favorite games and I’m always willing to start one up.


I am currently play the game , but I can play a second one. I love the game. One issue is the time zone. I am in GMT. What is your time zone ?

I am in MST. I have a pretty flexible schedule. Send me an email if you want to try working something out.