Victory Games PACIFIC WAR question

Hopefully there is a PW player who can help me with this longstanding but unanswerable question.

I cannot for the life of me figure how to get activation points in the Campaign-Strategy scenarios. For example in Campaign scenario #2, the Allies have just 8, 6, and 6 points available per month. Each until requires (generally) 2 pts to activate; how in the heck am I supposed to be able to do anything with just 6 points? I’ve read and reread the rule book and can find nothing to explain this problem.

Hello, I just saw your question. Pacific War is a terrific game. I have one Strategic scenario and two campaign games, all PBEM, ongoing currently.

To your question, the command point totals are given to you in the scenario booklet; the numbers you quoted are correct. It is only in the two strategic scenarios that players have to roll to determine their CP totals. What is happening in the Philippines campaign game is that it is December 1941 and the Allies are surprised and unprepared for the Japanese attacks. CPs represent stockpiled logistics, staff planning, rehearsals, contingency mitigation and all that. The Japanese have prepared for their assault while the Allies are caught flat footed. Campaign scenario 2 is mostly about the Japanese player’s race against the clock, i.e meeting all the victory conditions before time runs out. It isn’t the most thrilling game for the Allies, it’s true. As the Allied player all you can do is hold on as best you can, keep a watchful eye on your opponent’s progress and husband your points to strike at the crucial moment to prevent his victory. Lastly, there is the future operations pool you can use to try to build up points for a later month.

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