Victory Games: The Civil War (Play by e-mail)

Any takers?

Am pretty well versed with the rules.

Please despatch a courier


Would be interested, thanks.

Hi Ringo

Thank you for your mail. I’m ready to go whenever you are. Do you have a preference for sides? I’m easy either way. Perhaps you need some time to re-visit the rules?

I have played a couple of games recently using Vassal. The convention used was to use a third party die-roller for Initiative Dice, CP determination, and Battle results (always taking the first roll(s) as Union and the secondary CSA), but used the in-game roller for officer casualties. Does that suit?

I don’t know what time constraints you are under, generally I am more than happy to take care of the in-game admin.

Let me know if this is okay with you.

Hi dierole,

No preference, your choice of sides. Just need a day or to look over the rules. Haven’t tried the 3P dr’er, but sounds good, and I’d like to try it.

It would be great if you wouldn’t mind taking care of the in-game admin stuff.

definitely would be interested to try this game on vassal…have only played the board version in the past

Hi Jeb!

Thank you for your reply.

I now have four games of this title going at the moment. Regretably I don’t think I can commit to another one.



Well just let me know when ur ready for the next four :slight_smile: