Victory in the Pacific refresher game wanted

I’m looking for someone who is willing to be patient with any mistakes I am sure to make. I’ve played a handful of games of Victory in the Pacific, but it has been a number of years, and would like a PBEM game to bring myself back up to speed. I have a fair amount of experience using Vassal. Please reply or IM me if you are interested.


Hmm…I like War at Sea

I don’t have War at Sea. It’s on my list to get.

I have both games and looking to play.

PM me if you like. New to Vassal but am ready to go

Boston GMT-5

i know well v in the P i have the old version of AH, i’m italian and if you want we can play together

I’m new to Victory in the Pacific, having recently picked up a well-preserved copy of the game, and would also like to give it a shot if anyone is interested. I’m at GMT -5.

Please reply or PM if interested. Thanks!

I’m still seeking an introductory opponent. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Thanks!

Shaun, Are you looking for pbem or live play?

I would prefer to play live, particularly as this would be my first shot at Victory in the Pacific, but am not entirely averse to PBEM.