Video capture of VASSAL Module games

Good evening,

This one may be for the video experts out there.

I’ve been using OBS to capture video game playthroughs, video of live table top games, regular video and still shots for games, etc., for YouTube posts. With few exceptions I get very sharp, clear recordings. However, when I record a game using VASSAL (a module) the quality of recording goes down significantly and is quite grainy.

Is there a setting in VASSAL or the various modules that I am not seeing that can sharpen the images? Or should I use a different video capture program?

Tips? Ideas?


For clarity: Vassal is not grainy on your screen normally, right? This is happening only when you’re playing back screen recordings?

Correct. The game itself is quite clean. My computer is less than a year old and has a top tier vid card (well,… for mid-2022). The module is from “Baptism by Fire” and “Panzer Leader/Blitz”.

My guess is that you’re using a video codec that doesn’t handle line art well. Vassal has no settings I can think of that would make screencasts look different from what you see on the screen when you’re recording.

I see. Thanks for the input. I’ll try and contact the OBS developers to see if they have any suggestions.