Virgin Queen, Looking for Sixth Player

We are a group of Virgin Queen fans who just finished a game using the VASSAL platform. All of us have several VQ and even more VASSAL experiences under our belts. Now we would like to play again but need to find an extra player.

A prospective player should be able to commit to a game that will take at least several months to complete, be fairly well-versed in VQ rules, be pleasant to play with, and (barring emergencies, vacation, or similar) be able to complete their turn within about 2 days of their action coming up.

We use a shared Dropbox folder to store game logs and other helpful game files. We do not use ACTS or any other add-on. This is a great group so I am not concerned about cheating.

Powers have not yet been chosen and you will have a chance to indicate which power(s) you’d like to play or prefer not to play. I will be checking this thread every day or two until I fill the sixth slot.


P.S. I run two VQ and two HIS games. Even if I have already found a sixth for this VQ game, if you want to be contacted about future openings, send me a pm and I will keep your contact info for a future game.

Hi! I’m interested both in HIS and VQ. But never played either. Know the rules. Played other card-driven wargames via Vassal and Dropbox. Ready to make 1 action per day. If my experience (lack of it) is not a problem, I’d like to try.

Sending you a pm to make arrangements.

If anyone else wants to play in future pbem games I run, send me a pm with your information and I will contact you when a new game opens up.