Virgin Queen: looking for sixth player

We are a group of Virgin Queen fans who just finished a game using Vassal. All of us have several Virgin Queen and even more Vassal experiences under our belts. Now we would like to play again but need to find an extra player.

A prospective player should be fairly well-versed in Virgin Queen rules, be pleasant to play with, and (barring emergencies, vacation, or similar) be able to complete their turn within about 2 days of their action coming up.

We use a shared Dropbox folder to store game logs and other helpful game files. We do not use ACTS or any other add-on. We have a great group so I am not concerned about cheating.

Powers have yet to be chosen and you will have a chance to indicate which power(s) you’d like to play or prefer not to play.

Please post here if you are interested.


Hello Steve

I havent played Virgin Queen previously but I have been reading the rules since you posted this topic. I am quite happy to make your sixth player if your game is stalled due to a lack of a final player. I have been a long time VASSAL player , mainly of Memoir 44 and VASL.

Thanks Jim

Hi Jim,

Things got a bit wonky. We had a player disappear for a month, hence the desire to start a new game. They made contact again just after you responded to my post, so the existing game is not actually dead.

I am 95% certain I am going to set up a new VQ game anyway, but I want to get confirmation from one remaining player that they are okay playing in two separate VQ games at the same time.

As soon as I hear from them I will be in touch.

sounds good Steve

thanks Jim

Hi Jim,

We have decided to go ahead with a new game of VQ. Please pm me your email. Also, for a first time player I recommend you take either England or France. Please let me know if you have a power preference. Once I have that information I can set up the game.

Please be sure to read the rules as needed to become familiar with the basic mechanics. I am sure you will do great given the other games you mentioned playing.