Visit counter for module homepages

Now that has updated to a new website platform, is it possible to add a counter to each module homepage to indicate how many times the page has been visited?

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The wiki is MediaWiki, so the thing to look for is how to display page hit counts with MediaWiki. Let me know what options you find.

Probably looking for something like this -

I’ve installed the HitCounter extension. I’m not convinced it’s worth it.


Do we have any stats on which pages have been visited the most?

Yes, that would be at Popular pages - Vassal. It’s supplied by the HitCounter extension, so there won’t be any data prior to earlier today.

Thanks! You guys are great! I think the counter will be a popular page to visit itself. Thanks again for the support.

Besides here in the forum, is there a link to get to the popular pages page from the homepage or somewhere else convenient? Maybe at the footer near the module page counters. Thanks again.

You can find it from any wiki page by going to the Tools menu at the lower left, then Special Pages, where you’ll find “Popular pages” in the “Data and tools” section.

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agreed! there may be other extensions more worthy :slight_smile: