Vlog does not save - but vsav does!


Windows Vista - to be updated to Win10 this weekend. 2 GB ram. I’m playing the GMT NR2 Crete module.

I start the log file (either prompted at end of viewing my opponent’s, or manually started) and all appears normal. However, the vlog file is not actually being saved. I can see all the log entries on my screen, but there is no vlog created to send to my opponent. The game saves OK and no error messages are created on screen at all. I suspect a java error as the logfile mentions a savdll failure. (I will post this when I get home.) I don’t understand why 1, no error is generated at the time or 2, why the game will save OK but not the log. Either way I need help.

File > Begin Logfile to start recording
File > End Logfile to stop recording and save