Volume control

May sound stupid but… what about a “master volume control” in the options menu?

In dungeon twister I put some nice sounds… but actually (and I don’t know why) the sound is pretty loud… more than the same sounds played in other programs at full volume (maybe that is my computer only)

Anyway as you usually play without talking (micro or phone) to other players, I think sound is very handy… and if there are sounds… a volume control is a must have :slight_smile: You may want to play music while playing the game and you may want the sounds to be as background and still audible as possible, or not at all… anyway… volume control please! :slight_smile:

Volume control could be very useful, especially once mp3 support gets included in 3.2 (as at that point adding shared game-specific playlists to the module should become possible). I think it’s crucial to have Vassal’s volume adjustable independently of other applications, though - otherwise sound-heavy modules could interfere with Skype or other VoIP. Our group plays exclusively with voice chat and talks all the time, actually :slight_smile:

I second this (or is it third this?).

My playgroup is wishing for a mute all sound function. i.e. volume 0%