VOTR - Lord of the Rings miniatures

The VOTR module is available again. You can download it directly from mediafire now, here’s the Link.

Imrahil, the project leader, doesn’t work on it anymore due to time constraints, but maybe he’ll return sometime in the future. ;) One or more guys worked on a new version with additional minis and images, but they translated it to spanish, so I just uploaded the older english version. If anyone wants to update the older version, I can send you the spanish module. Or I could upload it to mediafire, too.

Awsome, gonna check that out yo

getting this error on the gondor file

Invalid File. This error has been forwarded to MediaFire’s development team.


The download works for me, loading the extension too. I hope this has been sorted out already.

BTW someone made a new VOTR version. Check out this thread: one-ring.co.uk/phpBB2/viewto … sc&start=0

Hi All,

The updated link for the new version is I worked on is here


BTW, if you have any question don;t hesitate to post it on the link above in the one-ring forum and I or someone from the forum aught to reply as soon as possible.