VSQL Counters all "?"

This is odd.

I’m playing a game of Squad Leader (VSQL). At home I use a Mac and at work a PC. I have the same VASSAL version, same VSQL version and the same versions of the extensions.

On my mac, all my stacks are concealed with nice little “?” on the,. When I expand the stack I can see the individual counters. At work ALL the counters are concealment markers! Every SMC, SW and MMC is now a “?”.

Has anyone had this problem? This has never happened to me before and I’ve played many games posting my logs between work and home.

Almost certainly, the Password recorded in the Personal tab in preferences is now different between your two computers. When you Conceal counters, the Password on your computer is used a ‘key’ to encode who owns the concealed counters. On a different computer viewing the same log file, Vassal compares the password in preferences with that encoded against the Concealed counters. If they are different, then you are treated as an opposing player and you see what they see, all Concealment counters.

Heh, do I feel stupid. I didn’t think of that because I rarely assign a password.