VUCA Simulations is looking for someone to create a module

we would like to have a vassal module for our new game “The Great crisis of Frederick II”.
Would anyone here be interested in a cooperation?

Thanks and best regards,

If you have not found anyone yet, I am interested. I have built several Vassal modules of classic games that you may refer to that are posted to the Vassal module pages,

Imperium Romanum II
The Siege of Jerusalem (AH)
Conquistador (AH)
Circus Maximus (AH)
Kingmaker (AH)
Dinosaurs of the Lost World (AH)
Lion of the North (GMT Games)
The Peloponnesian War (VG)

I look forward to hearing from you,

Rob McCray

Looks like you have already had it built for you. Keep me in mind for future projects.


Rob McCray