Want to add Quick Counter selection in Combat Commander Module

VASSAL 3.7.6+
32GB Ram

There is this feature in the VASL module that pretty much gives access to all counters that you want to have on the MAINMAPwindow.

CC doesn’t need as many counters but it would be a QoL improvement.

I tried putting “single Counters” on the map and even Mapped out where to put them. as Each map of CC has the same basic format. Top right corner has been vacant for years, they could go there or on the MAINMAP window.

Just have no clue where to start. Willing to do the implementation, but have zero XP with it.

Thanks for any pointers.


It’s not clear to me what you’re asking for. Could you provide some screenshots of what you’re referring to in VASL?

CC is an actively maintained module. You may want to drop the module developer(s) a message about what you think is needed.