Want to request a vassal update for Angola

A friend & I have started playing Angola on vassal.

We both think it would make play much easier if each side had some markers they could place on the board to quickly & easily see which towns/cities they control rather than having to check the counters held offboard. Something as easy as having a bunch of counters that just look like the unit counters when they are blanked. (Only units in column can be blanked so you shouldn’t confuse them with real troops). We would even use a white counter if we could label it but there seem to be absolutely no counters we could do this with. There are no counters existing in the module at the present time that we could use to mark territories.

When my friend plays his physical copy of the game he actually borrows counters from other games to use to mark the cities under control by the different factions.

Does anyone if there is anywhere we can request this feature be added? Does anyone know if the module owner visits this site? Is it Ok to request this? Or is it considered inappropriate?


Added some coloured dots that you can label. Find them on the markers palette.
I don’t propose to release this on Vassal so grab it whilst it is on my dropbox and make of it what you will.

Awesome…thank very you.

It seems to work to work great thanks again!!!