Wanted: Slow-paced PBEM East Front or Rommel in the Desert

I’m a pretty darned incompetent block game player and I’d like to actually learn to play some of these games reasonably well. So I’m looking for a PBEM game of either East Front or Rommel in the Desert. I don’t care about your skill level as long as you’re patient about mine.

My life is quite busy now, so I won’t be able to do more than a turn or two per week most of the time.

pm sent


I would be an absolute beginner at East Front II; I own the game but never had the chance to play it. If you would like to take a go at it, please tell me and I´ll review the rules

The one or two turns a week is fine to me too


If any of you guys are still interested… I’m pretty new to eastfront II (only played it face to face twice) and totally new to Vassal but would love to get a game of East Front II going. Either Pbem or real time using skype…

Would love to hear any reactions…

My e-mail is Bascrebolder@hotmail.com

am away for 2 weeks holiday but could look you up then re East Front.

Thanks for the fast reply Juno,

Glad to hear there is still interest in East Front II. I hope you do not mind showing me the tricks of vassal…

Have fun on your holiday and please do send me an e-mail when you are back so we can arrange things to start playing.