Wanted to bounce this idea of you guys...online game night?

Would you even be remotely interested in a game night online?

  • Yes
  • No

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I had an idea and was wondering if anyone does it.

It comes from the idea that I live in Fargo ND and we are not abundant with gamers here.

Many of my friends from larger cities have a game night every week that their local gaming club has.

Soooooo, I was wondering what would be the odds of being able to put together some format where we could meet for certain hours on a set night for gaming. Maybe even every 2 weeks or something?

Would that even work or not? Just a thought and I wanted to toss it out for brainstorming by the group here, see if it could develop into something or if it was just not meant to be.

I havent refined the ideas or anything, I was just pondering it a bit in my drive time from work. Be interested to hear thoughts both pro and con.


The plan is for Vassal to eventually have a main chat area where players can congregate and decide on which games they want to play; When this happens I think an idea such as yours will work really well.

It may be a little way off yet, the guys have been working hard at squashing Beta 4 bugs and updating VASL.

that sounds great, didnt know about thanks so thanks for the update.


As someone who’s 30 min from the nearest hobby shop himself, sounds like a great idea. I know there’s probably more than a few others of us out in the boonies too.