war and peace- 2nd edition map w/2nd edition rules PBEM

i have my 2nd edition map board all set up for the Austerlitz scenario. Was suppose to play an opponent but turns out he has the 4th edition game and they look night & day apart. My opponent and i still may play the 4th edition version ,but on the vassal mod only & has yet to materialize . . .
So i have this game all set to go for a PBEM opponent ,2nd edition game. Not sure about all the PBEM machanics , but im sure that can be worked out. Game can be as fast or as slow as you like and even include a skype session or two depending on your preferences, if interested. Or again i am also interested in CC Napoleonics (vassal mod only) , Fields of Despair (heard it does not play well on PBEM) , Clash of Giants Civil war , Washintons war , Labyrinth , Kingdom of Heaven or Warriors of God.
Currently finishing up a solo Clash of Giants game (posted on YouTube) but i have time and room for 2 or 3 games. Would really like a multi-player game going ! Board tables waiting . . . Lets play