War and Peace anyone?

Had the game for 30+ years - don’t recall ever playing anyone else (career soloist until I discovered Vasal about six months ago)
I live in California

Sure are you happy to play PBEM, using ACTs for dice rolls and swapping maps with Vassal.
Also keen to play John Gaunt’s The struggle between England and France, a War & Peace variant for the Grand Campaign.

Cheers Bindusri
PS in Sydney, Australia

Yes to PBEM, ACTS & Vasal
Though not familiar with the variant you mention

If either of you are looking for another game look me up.
Prefer PBEM. Maybe a scenario to get the ball rolling?

Isn’t that Grant variant the 4th edition unofficial rules set?

I’d be interested in getting into a game if anyone wants, got one going now and remember how much fun this old system is!

Have had several back and forth enquireries, but nothing firmed up & started yet

Yes that is John Gant’s version of the rules with a few tweeks.
Happy for you to get in on the game. Hoping to start a Grand Campaign soon would be good if it were multiplayer will PM you.

I’d be in on a multi player game…

Right now I am involved in a modified version as mentioned by BIndusri. Wasn’t what I was initially looking for - but seems OK. We are doing a training scenario as I have only ever played solo. When we are ready for the full campaign, I wouldn’t be opposed to making it a multi-player.

I am an experienced War and Peace player. I’ve started a few grand campaigns (unofficial 4e) but never completed one.
I am only really interested in the grand campaign with 4e and one of the optional political rulesets.
If anyone is interested, let me know.

count me in on any multi or one on one. would like to learn pbem or vassal , have played W&P and own a copy 2nd edition rulebook .

Ok well…if you’re into pbem. I’d play you a scenario.