War at Sea on Vassal reborn

I have been playing the new War at Sea for sometime and have wanted a way to play online quickly. Via a message board did not cut it for me. There was a Vassal module with the 1st of 8ish sets of units and decided to update/upgrade (IMO) it.

So far the module is update almost daily with more and more consistent artwork with the help of my War at Sea message board friends and their suggestions.

My experience with Vassal is very limited. If any of you all would be so kind as to try it and provide suggestions it would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

markviiimarc.com/war-at-sea/ … sal-module

This is what it looks like.

If the die roll is right I can manually inflict damage on the ships. No real auto features but I can mark the planes rearming or strafing or designate them Bf109 squad 1, 2, whatever and all that.