War At Sea or VITP Opponent Wanted

Looking for an opponent for online WAS or VITP. I’m and old gamer and but new to Vassal

Did you get an opponent?

Hi Chuck, sorry for the delay. No I haven’t, and would still like to play . I’m in Virginia. Are you on Eastern time?

Southside of Virginia yes!

Hi Chuck, sorry, life is getting in the way of gaming. We’re in the middle of buying a house and relocating in Fredericksburg. I’ll ping you on Friday, maybe there’s a window we both have.

I’m interested in a game of VITP, I loved it back when I was a kid and just discovered Vassal. By coincidence I’m in Virginia too !! hahaaaa

If either of you have room for another game I would be interested. Might not be the most competitive game ever, I haven’t played in over 20 years.

I’m in Australia and I too played VITP in my younger days…could play email few turns a week or more if you like.
I’ve played solo on vassal and hot seated with a friend but willing to try PBEM.

How was the game. I’m late but I will be happy to join if you’re planning to run the game again. I am new to Vassal.

I am available to play either War at Sea or VITP. PM sent to you NavalKraken