War at Sea - Setup of new game

Does anyone here have any experience with the War at Sea module? I’m trying to start a PBEM game as the Allies. I am trying to use the Standard Setup option to save time with the setup, figuring I’d move some of my Allied ships to Malta, then make my first turn moves.

The module, however, when you select Standard Setup, only allows you to select “observer” or “Axis” for side. How do I select “Allied” as my side? If I select New Game then I can select “Allied”, but then I need to move ALL the ships onto the map. Should I just move my Allied ships to the UK and Malta and then move them out to sea for my first move, letting my Axis opponent to move all his ships onto the board?

Does the Axis player have to be the one to start a Standard Setup game? That doesn’t make sense to me.

Is this a bug? Should the Allied choice be missing for a Standard Setup game?

Thanks in advance for any help.