War for the Union - Update

I’ve played a lot of USCW and it is a great game, but I think this 2 Map Civil War game by Rob Beyma is better. It has been around for 30 years!! It has been recently reissued in an updated 2nd Edition with new graphics by compass games. Needless to say the system is tested. There isn’t even any errata since 1996. If you have played the first edition the mechanics of the newer version are fundamentally the same. I think the graphics of the newer version are better, though the first edition was a Barber map. The rules can be occasionally wordy but they are complete and clear. Most importantly, it plays great. Command and experience are important factors. Game play has a lot of subtle nuances that are derived more from managing the situation on the map as opposed to teasing some advantage in the rules. There is an excellent Vassal module for the 2nd Edition which includes charts. The rules are available on Compass games. If you want a hard copy, the game runs about $65 at compass but there are several available for less on BGG and eBay. Pay attention to what edition you are buying. I’m more than happy to get new players up to speed. If you have played either Victory Games Civil War or USCW this is different and a breath of fresh air. You can reach me at lincolngraves2 at gmail dot com

Update: I have had three people reach out and I played each person. One game ended early, another my opponent resigned and the third is ongoing. I am still looking for opponents for this game. I haven’t tired of it a bit.