War in the East - The Russo German Conflict

I know it is a monster. But it is sort of a bucket list wargame. I have had it for 20 years and never played it. So I am reaching out, hoping someone wants to try this beast of a game.

4 map 1st ed or 3 map second?

I’m playing the 4 map version of War in the East now, but with some major rules changes.

Hi Chuck. Just the default edition. I have the second edition map for the War in Europe. I can crop it down, but it would take me a bit to get the counter set up. What rule changes are you playing with?

I played this long ago and would be interested in giving it another go. Are the rules available anywhere?


SPI Resources has a some of the rules in PDF. I think you might have to look for war in europe as well to get the full set of rules

They do have them. Still looking for players?