War of 1812 : PBEM


I’m looking for an opponent to play War of 1812 PBEM only

I am based in Europe (France), and can play 1 turn per day ,maybe more (but i can’t guarantee more) !

I’m new to Vassal (but I’ve practised a bit to be familiar with user interface)

I’m new to war of 1812 (but I’ve read carefully the rules)

but beyond all : i am very motivated !


I’m in Ottawa, Canada, and I want to play War of 1812. I’ve never played anything on VASSAL but have browsed it and am sure and I can figure things out quickly.

Are you still interested in playing?



New to Vassal, joined to play War of 1812, looking for anyone to play by email or live. I live near Toronto, Canada (EST). I will play live most anytime.