War of the Ring where to download?

Sorry if this is obv

But I am new to vassal and want to download the War of the Ring module but I cannot find where to get the file.



It is in the module library. You can get there by clicking on the icon that looks like a knight chess piece next to the forum icon that looks like a building. Once in the module library you can click on the “W” in the alphabetical list at the bottom of the categories section. The scroll down to the title. There are two entries, the second notes the year 1977.

Here’s a direct link to the “W” page: Category:Modules - Vassal

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After looking at both entries, it appears that the one published in 1977 is available, but the other one is not. I have discovered several game entries in the module library where the game is not available.

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Fantasy Flight Games was (still is?) pretty VASSAL-hesitant. For example, they would only consent to modules for their titles being uploaded if all cards were stripped of their text. A complicating factor is that WOTR is now the property of Ares Games, not FFG, but I think you’ll be much better served trying the already-existing bespoke WOTR Java client.