Wargame Campaign manager?

Hi All,

New to the Vassal collective and hope to enjoy this form of wargaming in the future.

However, my reason for the post is that I was wondering if Vassal could be used as a campaign manager for tabletop wargaming?

So, the map, factions, resource management, fog of war, movement, etc. are moderated on PC, possibly PBEM. Where faction interactions occur, this battle is transferred to the tabletop (lead, dice, etc.). The results are then logged & processed before proceeding to the next round?

Game rules independent - from DBA to FoG?



Thus spake “Wilf12358”:

I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t do this. The only person who
would need to use VASSAL is the referee, right?


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Absolutely doable, but the module would have to be designed with that goal in mind from the beginning.

VASSAL’s ability to “print” out a snapshot of the overall campaign battlefield and distribute that to your competing nations would be pretty awesome!