Warhammer 40k: Battlefleet Gothic

I was wondering if anyone was working on a BFG module. I looked through but couldn’t find anything related to it, I might have missed it but it took me some time to look so I don’t feel like looking for another hour… I know GW has removed their products but could anyone happen to have the module anyway? From some of the topics on this forum, it seems like you can play modules but you just cant play online if they have been ‘removed’. I would like to use the module for home purposes since getting BFG products sent to me over seas is way too much. If not thanks anyway.

You can find the links in this thread: vassalengine.org/forums/view … attlefleet

Or read my signature. :wink: Download it from mediafire, there are no new versions on the yahoo site anymore.

It’s still possible to play the module online.

Thanks :smiley: