Warhammer 40k Module 3.4

The newest version of the Warhammer 40k Module (3.4) is avaible for download:

(dont unzip, remove zip extension if Vassal can`t load it).

Some changes:
--Map Layers – hills, vegetation, roads, buildings,infantry,vehicles,counters ( will keep models slipping under hills and such)
--private map windows for army composition (a place to put the models but not on the main map)
--movement trails
--multi board support ( done in 12” or 24” blocks?)
--Deviation Dice – located in Counters[Misc]. Random direction and hit/miss roll. Move forward 1”. Area of effect for 3,5,7 and 10 inch blasts.
- Cleaned out the terrain pieces. (free rotation eats up a lot of memory and doing it on large terrain pieces will eat up even more)
- Terrain can now be selected using Shift-Click. (Ctrl-Shift-Click would not work for me for some reason)
- Turn tracker intalled. Tracks turn number, player side and phase. Left in the ‘end of phase’ buttons just in case the turn tracker is not liked.
- Mouse over viewer will now show model information (wargear) instead of location
- Scatter dice installed. Located in the counters/misc folder. Put it on target and roll. Will randomly select hit or miss and rotate to a random facing. If a miss is indicated just move the piece that many inches (CTRL-UP ARROW). Has the option of 3,5,7 and 10 inch blast areas.
- Configurable sized maps. You can now select any number of 24” x 24” sections you want and each one can be a separate color if desired. (selection of 5 colors)
- 2 more map windows so people can organize their armies away from the map. Kind of on
Complete Editthe honor system if the other person is not supposed to see it until deployment.
-image capture added to table map window (snapshot of the current map. Nice for battle reports)

New Imperial Fists (not greenish in module):
Random in game screenshot: