Warhammer 40k Module

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We are working on the Warhammer 40k Module.

Version 3.4:
bestsharing.com/files/kw7iU3 … 1.zip.html

If you have any questions, critics, suggestions or wishes feel free to add.

When is 3.5 finished?
Longing for the new DA sprites :wink:

10-14 days. :slight_smile:

Here is 3.5.5:


Unfortunally the Raven Guard didn`t got in due to lack of time.

Very nice. My friends and I use this module often to test armies before buying, and I play it with those of my friends who I can’t physically meet for games.

Hi, i would like to know if more models are going to be added and if u accept external contributes (like drawn models etc)

And… plz allow us do delete “killed corpses”. They are useful to count casualties but after that they need to be cleanable :smiley:

Corpses can be selected by holding down ‘shift’ and then you can delete them as normal.


Hi, are there new versions planned?

Yes. :wink:

In short, I have been away a long time, and we are slowly working on the 3.6+ versions.

So Version 5 will be out on 9th of August if anyone is interested.

Here are some new previews:

Here is a new complete manual for Version 5 (released on the 9th):