warhammer skirmish project

i'm just starting to put things togeher but i'll need some help. what needs to be done: edited images of all the troop types for all the armies this includes any major weapon/shield combo(example: drawf with hand weapon, with shild and hand waepon and so on)and any minis for hero's again with all possible weapon/shield combos, i've done two so far, and also terrain, i've gotten rid of most of my terrain, so i'll need some pics of well any basic terrain piece for a grassland theam board(more theams will be added later in the project)from above(like a birds-eye view or top-down view) so any one want to help if so email me at im@sadmaidenfan.fsnet.co.uk

with vassal or wfb or somthing like that in the subject line so it will let me know it's to do with this