Warline: Maneuver Strategy & Tactics - async PBEM play

Howdy! I’m looking for some opponents to match up against in Warline async PBEM play. The Warline module can be found right here.

About Warline:

  • A “maneuver warfare sandbox game” modeled on Boyd’s Theory of Maneuver Warfare.
  • A blend of historical wargame mechanics, miniatures wargame mechanics, and Chess-like mechanics. (Warline is a very “sport-like” game.)
  • To begin a match, both sides “craft their own strategy” via tile placement, army configuration, and custom deployment formations.
  • After strategies are crafted, the game moves into tactical command. Here, you activate battalions and spend their action points to create custom chains of actions and combos (which can get rather elaborate).

Here’s a 100-ish word distillation provided by a fan of the game:

The Strategicraft [the stages in which both sides interactively create their strategies] sounds like an advanced setup with more involvement from the players on a strategic placement level - semi-simultaneously. Like a distillation of miniatures wargames with army construction and tile laying. And then it goes into turn-based action selection. You can draw cards on your turn or you take one action each with up to two battalions. The maneuver action sees you spending action points to take sub-actions. This is similar to most historical wargames and miniatures wargames I’m familiar with. There are 5 possible ways to win, not all of them combat focused.

Sounds interesting!
Is the rulebook or tutorials available somewhere or can it be learned “on the go”?

The core rules and each of the faction rule books can be found online. Look under the Game Rule Books and Kingdom Rule Books folds.

And, yes, Warline can be learned “on the go” if you’re playing with someone who knows the game.

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Awesome! Will give it a read.

Checking in to see if you had a chance to read through the rules and determine if you’re interested in playing. If not, no worries!

Yea, I gave it a read and while it didnt really “click” yet it looks really interesting.
I would like to give it a try!

Awesome! Would you want to to have a live teach before diving in to async play?

That probably would good! What Timezone are you in? I am UTC+2

US Central Time here :+1:

@TrueSansha what’s the best day of the week and time for you to have a live teach?

Hmm, that would be 7 hours ahead so maybe on a weekend at around 2PM US Central?

How about next Saturday (Sept. 9) at that time?

I am travelling that weekend but the following ones look much better!
Maybe Saturday the 16th?

Okay, sounds great! Safe travels :grin: See you on the 16th.

Florian, just giving you confirmation that I’m still on for a Warline teach tomorrow :+1:

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Awesome! Should be able to make it in time! :smiley:

Oh, We should also find a place to talk… Do you have a prefered Discord server?

Good point! Warline has a Discord server, if you’d like to use that for the purpose:

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