Warmachine / Hordes


is there a qarmachine / hordes modul?
I have found one but unfortunatly a lot of sprites are missing there…

I am one of the developers of the warmachine/hordes module. It is a work-in-progress. Right now, we have a lot of the functionality of the module working, and our artist is working diligently to create sprites for all the armies.

Currently, the latest version is v 2.3.41, which can be found here.


Yeah, thats what i am looking for.
But can you snap off the map to a own windows. Because so you can size them in the size you need or you can drag to a second screen when you have.

The models look pretty good…

Thus spake “mr.john_doe”:

Look in Preferences for “Use combined application window” and uncheck it.


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I was wondering about the Warmachine Module. I noticed that all the models from the Legends book are not represented.

Also I was wondering if with the new MkII rules if this was going to be updated? Is there still anyone working on this? If not how can I get copies of files that had been done but not uploaded so I may continue the work.

I play Cygnar and as such it would be my first focus. Maybe having everyone share the work may help. I am not much of an artist but am willing to learn how to make the sprites.