Warrior Knights : New Module Available


After 8 months of hard working … the first step is now reached : The Warrior Knights Module is now available

The module is too very technical for Vassal Module Designers and i think that’s a good exercice for reaching the expert Vassal level … or simply to see how things and managed !!!

With the FFG agreement i can now provide the module. Limitation apply to Assembly and Event Cards with masked text to insure that players own the real board game.

The Warrior Knights module is only a 15 Mo file (but without the C&G expansion at the present time but with too masked text on cards)

All the documentation about the installation and how to use the module is here :

softbug.free.fr/vassal/project/w … nights.pdf

The Warrior Knights Module is downloadable directly here :

softbug.free.fr/vassal/project/w … nights.mod