WAS updated to 2.0

Version 2.0 (Bill Thomson, Jeff Wise; 04/22/05))
-Removed Third Reich counter window icon.
-Illustrious corrected from 0-1-6 to 0-2-7
-American New York and Texas corrected from 447s to 443s
-American ship color changed to light green similar to boardgame
-INFO tab added to CONTROL windows to allow players to keep shared and private notes
-Added Ship Graveyard Map accessed via control button on the control window
-Added Send to Graveyard trait (via prototypes) for all ships. Will
send sunk ship to off map graveyard sunk pile.
-New Start.scen file added into Games to capture the new ship triats.
-Obsolete Start files deleted.
-Added POC calculator as a excel file.
-WAS AREA player rating information added to HELP window
-WAS article listing added to HELP window
-WAS Frequently Asked Questions added to HELP window
-WAS game credits added to HELP window
-WAS Hot Keys listing added to HELP window
-WAS PBEM guidelines added to HELP window
-WAS PBEM opportunity informations added to HELP window
-WAS rule clarifications added to HELP window
-WAS version history added to HELP window
-Damage marker now increases (cntrl-a), decreases (ctrl-s),
defaults to 1 (cntl-d) or can be deleted (cntl-x)
-Deleted all other damage markers from counter menu as are redundant
-Axis and Allies control can be flipped.
-Ship counters unstack into verticle column for battle
-CNTL-R trait added to LBA to Return to England or Germany
-Dice buttons added for 1d6 through 8d6