Washington's War

Beginner with Washington’s War, looking for head-to-head opponent. I am GMT -4 (Eastern Std).

Just bouncing this back uo on the board. Have had a few responses but haven’t got a game going yet. Let me know if anybody is up for a game. Prefer head to head (GMT-4). I am new to this game, so a bit of patience is appreciated and will be returned if you are new as well!


Can you give me a few days/week to read and re-read the rules? I’m a compleat rookie and have never played before, so perhaps we can learn together.


EDIT: just noticed you prefer head to head, i’m afriad i don’t have chunks of time to go HtoH, i can only really do PBEM, if that’s ok, we can rock on, but if not, it’s cool.

Ryan, sounds like a plan. Email me at gottoman@yahoo.com when you are ready to play via email.