Way of the Ninja: Capture the Shoguns Enemies! Module v0.5b

Good Day!

I have just added a module of my very first game called Way of the Ninja: Capture the Shoguns Enemies!

The Intro goes like this:

For those who might be interested to try the module, you can find the files and descriptions here

And for those who might want to support games upcoming campaign, you may visit our website and read all about it

your feedbacks and reviews of the game as well as the module are most welcome. The module has not much automation so your expertise on the matter will help a lot for the improvement of the module as well as the game.

Sorry for the delay on the news post. We had to get the name space corrected and then things got extremely busy for me over the weekend. But, the news has finally been posted.

Doc, News Editor

Thanks for the help Doc! :slight_smile: