We the People or 1776

I’ve played 1776 - once 40 years ago, and I have WtP but never played it. I’d be interested in trying either PBEM. Any wisdom from former players about which edition the modules are? And about ease of PBEM play?

My first thoughts are that PBeM for 1776 would possibly require several rounds of exchanges as there could be multiple rounds to resolve combats. That makes it more onerous to do by email, but it can
be done, if you’re up for it. Much more easily resolved in an online/ftf game.
Also, the grid coordinate system is only printed on the mapboard edges and hex row ends, so that
makes determining the coordinates of any given hex a bit hard to read; they’re not available at a glance, like in some games where the coordinates are printed in each hex. With VASSAL that’s not as important as other PBeM systems, but is a factor.