Welcome message

Hi there,

I’ve -almost- finished my first vassal module and I want to add a simple welcome message with a few pointers to the log when it opens but can’t seem to find how. Also searching on keywords like message and welcome has not been a great succes, could someone point me in the right direction?



In the editor window, right click on the very top entry in the list (the root entry for your module) and then select “Add Startup Global Key Command” (make sure to add the “Startup” kind, not the regular kind). Leave most of the fields blank but put your welcome message in the message field. It will launch whenever the module is opened.


In addition, you might consider adding a Global Option preference to allow users to disable the welcome message.


Thanks a lot!

This message appears when you join a room, not when you log into Vassal. Or am I misunderstanding something?

Short answer - joining a room; yes, if a game is started. Log into Vassal - no.

There isn’t really such a thing as logging into to Vassal (the game engine). There is starting Vassal, opening a module and starting a game (or opening a pre-saved game or log file). Your username and password “secure” access to your role in an existing online game or log-file.

A module’s Startup GKC triggers when you start a game - not when you start Vassal or Open a module without starting a game. Startup GKC will also trigger when you synchronise to an online player who has the game open or when you open a logfile for the game. When you join a room you synchronise to the player who opened the room, so if they have the module open the startup GKC will also run (forgive me, I’m hazy on this point and I’m assuming you only ever sync to the player who created the room).

Hope this helps.