Welcome Screen in 3.5.6 and 3.5.7

The ‘Show Wizard at Startup’ message in the Welcome Screen is longer in the two latest versions. This pushes the split in the pane towards the left thereby cutting off the right hand side of any bespoke box cover art users have created. This is annoying when I have created bespoke art for hundreds of modules. Could this be corrected in future versions please?


Would you give some examples of modules where this occurs?


I have this as well although I did not notice at first. The Wizard prompt is longer because the wording has been changed as shown on the attached screen shots of v3.5.5 and v3.5.6 from a module currently in development but not posted yet.

Another example to illustrate the issue…

[attachment=1]BW 3.5.7.jpg[/attachment]

[attachment=0]BW 3.5.5.jpg[/attachment]

Thanks for the examples.

There was never any guarantee of the position of that divider. In V4, we’re going to be much clearer about which things are part of the API and which things are implementation details which could change at any time.

That said, Brent mentioned to me that he might look into actively adjusting the divider position.

Thank you. The position of the divider is determined by the length of the ‘Ask Wizard’ sentence. Reverting to the previous ‘Show Wizard’ sentence, or shortening the new sentence, would solve the issue.

Hi guys,

There is a test build of ‘VASSAL-3.5.8-SNAPSHOT-93d5975-14570-wizard-divider’ at vassalengine.org/builds/list?page=1

Could you please install this and test if it solves your problem?


Yes that has fixed it.
Many thanks!