"Well Thank God That's Over" :D :D :D

Okay I’m happy to report that it actually took less than an hour to get the rest of my PR’s “properly” rebased. Somehow Flint1b and I had picked the hardest-most-weirdly-conflicty one (but yeah by far the oldest one) to try first in the middle of the night. And as it turns out ONLY that one needed to be rebased The Old Fashioned Way, With An Axe.

Here’s a question for knowledgeable git folks – when encounter a conflict and do “git mergetool”. I go into the Magical Merge Tool and fix the conflicts – that part works fine (I still have Araxis merge from my ancient history as a professional, and it’s still worth every penny I paid for it). But then there’s this sort of “weird” step where I have to do a “git add” of the file before I can tell the rebase to continue. And the only problem there is having to type some vast long name of paths to where we keep our files, you know “vassal-app/src/main/java/VASSAL/build/module/map/CounterDetailViewer.java”

So my question… is there some faster way to tell it “yes I fixed the conflict, go”? I feel like a “git add *” might not be the-thing-to-do, especially since often in this situation there are some .orig files sitting around needing to be “git clean”'ed

Anyway, ALL my PR’s are successfully rebased, and I feel good. Just-Stopped-Hitting-Myself-With-The-Hammer-Good, but that’s still good! :smiley:


I got used to IntelliJ’s merge tool so much, I have no idea what it does underneath, it just tells me which conflicts need to be solved and I either solve them, or click “cancel” and try something else.

Well as I read on further into the Big Book of Git that Joel linked yesterday, I discover that I can probably type something like:

git add *CounterDetailViewer.java

…instead of the whole path. Will play with that next time I have a bunch of files to stage.