Wellington's Victory 2nd Edition by Decision Games

Want to play LIVE on Vassal using Skype or Discord to talk one another. I have a custom module for this game along with rules clarifications from the designer. Need to be able to play live, so preferably someone in the Eastern time zone, USA. Easy going old gamer.

Hey I am willing to learn the game if you got the patience to teach? I’ll download the rules from DG and get a discord account going. Be nice to play a human for a change.

I’m central time (Wisconsin) so that puts you only a hour ahead I believe and that’s doable for me:)


Wonderful! I look forward to hearing from you! am retired so I can play almost any time for a few hours at a time. Let me know when we can talk. PS: I used to live in Lake Geneva WI and am still a huge Packers fan!

Mason Crosby HOF!!!

Good game I say:)

Anyway my email is vassaltime@mail.com (how original eh?) I have
discord now and my ID is Jaytom65.

So give me to Saturday to read wellington rules and also go over your
vassal mod that way i can at least be somewhat ready to play… I am
retired as well so pretty flexible myself. But only as a suggestion I
say a 8pm start my time if that works for ya?? or whatever lol

talk to ya soon James