Whare are all the sailors?

I am just dipping my toes into the Vassal waters but am a bit surprised how few people seem to be playing naval games. Can I interest anyone in a PBEM game of Flat Top, Submarine, VITP, WS&IM, Bismarck or even Blackbeard?


I played Flat Top something like 20 years ago and we did also some umpire driven experiments. However I remember it as a pretty big game.

What about Pacific Victory:
vassalengine.org/community/i … dule_id=79
Which I already started to read the rules.

Consider also I’m a newbie at Vassal (however even if I don’t play since 10 years ago, I’m an hold hand and pick up rules quickly).
I live in Austalia (+10 GMT), which makes RT games a bit difficult.

I also would like to play Victory, which seems very enjoyable and I have already learned the rules and played a bit in solo.
vassalengine.org/community/i … ule_id=375

I,m interested in Blackbeard. Drop me a line if you want

I, too, would be interested in playing Blackbeard. Would it be live or PBEM?

About BlackBeard I would prefer online but I think JeffGeorge is searching PBEM. I,m from Spain, you?

I’d be willing to attempt to play online if a suitable time could be found for everyone. If not, it’s no big deal. I’m on the east coast of the U.S. so there’s a bit of a time difference to Spain.

I am in the UK and would prefer to play PBEM, at least until I have more experience with Vassal.
If we can get it to work I would suggest a 3 player PBEM

BryJones and JeffGeorge please drop me a line to coutox@hotmail.com
We have to talk about something before starting


Im new to vassal.
I would love to play some blackbeard though. It was a couple of years ago i played my last game, but still… PBEM style is my style until i get some experience with the vassal engine.

email: Bertilw5@gmail.com

On Apr 1, 2008, at 3:37 PM, BryJones wrote:

No. You really got a module. It’s just that Windows uses a very
simplistic mapping of file extensions (the .mod part) to file types.
Some movie clips also use .mod for their files so, when a new file
like that shows up, Windows mistakenly thinks it is a movie file,
whereas it is indeed a Vassal module.

If you start the Vassal program, it should be able to load the file
just fine.

The naming convention is moving toward using .vmod in an attempt to
reduce such unfortunate coincidences.

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Are you talking about the old or new BB? I’d be interested in doing an online game of either, but not PBEM.

I was wondering if there are any specific PbEM rules for Blackbeard.

The main issue is related to anti-pirate actions.
Every anti-pirate player may perform one anti-pirate action before-during-after any pirate action.
So, how this is managed in PbEM?
The pirate player must wait after declaring any action for all the anti-pirate players to declare whether they take anti-pirate actions or not and then perform the action and announce another action, and so on?

Or there is any speeding up process for not delaying so much the playing of each action?

Count me in for Blackbeard too, email is tiggerkatster@gmail.com.