What Am I Doing Wrong

I can not connect to the REAL TIME Vassal Server.
Here is what I am doing.
1.Open Vassal to MY LIBRARY
2.Click on OPEN MODULE And my files library opens up
3.I open the folder where I keep my game modules and select a game
4.The welcome screen opens and I select START NEW GAME ONLINE
5.The Game window with the toolbar and 2 smaller windows to the left open, 1st window reads ACTIVE GAMES and the far right window reads CURRENT GAMES My name appears in the far right window.
HERE IS WHERE I GET CONFUSED. I have tried making a new room by selecting a name in the little New game window.
I don’t get any further then this. I tried opening the Server Status window and looking at all the current games. clicking on players names to try synchronizing with them. I think I have tried everything you can do,I never get anywhere.

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