What Are Some Good Games Covering Modern Warfare?

Looking for a few game titles for modern warfare, as in very modern or future potential conflicts. Looking for moderate to light complexity. Strategic, Operational or Theater level games.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, DJaye

There’s a few games out there, but I can’t think of any that are “moderate to light complexity”.

The simplest might be Red Dragon Rising, which seemed pretty complex to me but which got further complexified into Red Dragon/Green Crescent.

Here’s one that took 30 players, with helpers to guide them!

Twilight Struggle covers fairly modern topics, albeit more “cold war” than “hot war”.

And it DOES satisfy “moderate complexity”.

So just in case you haven’t what remains one of Boardgamegeek’s top-rated games of all time, be sure to try!

Red Storm Rising and The Hunt for Red October, except there are no Vassal modules for them. (Why?)
NATO The Next War in Europe has moderate complexity.
Corps Command Dawn’s Early Light has light complexity.

You guys are getting old. He asked for “very modern or future potential”.
The fall of the Soviet Union was 30 years ago!

Dawns Early Light - have to look into it - great book (Trinity’s child wasnt it) great movie…

I mentioned NATO partly because Compass Games is republishing it, with major changes by the original designer. They are also republishing Air & Armor, again with changes by the same designer, but it’s a more complex game and therefore wouldn’t fit the OP’s criteria.