What are we doing wrong?

A friend and I sat down to our first game of Twilight Struggle tonight. We were able to stumble through the setup phase, figure out how to deal cards to ourselves, etc.

But nothing I did on my board affected his, and vice versa. We saw messages in the log window saying that the US had added influence here and the USSR had added influence there, but only the things I did showed up on my board, and only the things he did showed up on his.

We’re both convinced that whatever we’re doing wrong, it’s so obvious that we just can’t see it. What is it? How do I get him to see what I’m doing, and him likewise?

Did one of you sync to the other? (in the server controls)

I didn’t see any such option in the server controls. Connect, disconnect, looking for a game, away from keyboard, check messages, post messages, and display server connections for all modules are the only controls I see there.

Connecting to the Vassal Server<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />

To connect to the vassal server use the display server connections icon on the top menu. This will display a server control window to the right of the screen. In this window click the Connect to server icon. The server display window will now display your name in two windows, the one on the right is your current game and the one on the left is the main room. Enter a name for your game in the box for new game and hit enter. You have now created a game on the server that reflects the game on your computer.

To join a game on the server

Select Play Module and when prompted select the option to look for a game on line. This will start the game controls with the server window open on the right. Look for the room that your opponent has set up and right click on the room and select join room. Then right click on your opponent’s name and select synchronise. Your game will now be synchronised with the game set up by your opponent be it a new game or a previously saved game and you are ready to play.

When you are ready to finish a session of on line play and you wish to continue the game at a later time then one or both of you should save the game before disconnecting. To disconnect and end your session just click on the disconnect icon in the server display window.

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I feel like we did everything described above, though it’s possible we missed something. I am certain, though that when I right-clicked on my opponent’s name, no “Synchronize” option appeared.

There’s no Synchronize option if you’re in the Main Room, which is supposed to be only for chatting. If you create a new room and both enter the room, you should see the option.


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