What are you playing - solo ?

Not sure if this is the right board but …

Searching through the threads, I’ve seen some people mention that they play and enjoy Labyrinth solo.

I know there are other modules out there that have solo rulesets (does any other module have a separate solo module version beside Labyrinth?) – what are people playing?

My favorite so far is London’s Burning.

I play Battlestar Galactica sometimes solo.

Same here London’s Burning is my all time favorite.I am playing this from a long time.solo is the best music of all times

I’m playing Arkham Horror + Dunwich solo and it is a most enjoyable experience. AH occupies a lot of space, and if you cannot leave an ongoing game on the table the result is a string of unfinished experiences. The VASSAL module instead makes the experience so practical and enjoyable that I’m now even considering to buy an expansion or two.

Don’t forget that you with this can play AH at work!

I also play AH+Dunwich solo. It works quite well.

If you are into war games the module for Ardennes 44 was just updated to the 2012 version as is intended for solo play.